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What is QuickMatch?

QuickMatch is a highly intelligent talent acquisition algorithm that will shorten your hiring cycle. QuickMatch is a cognitive employee hiring solution that recommends the best fit candidates for your available job position.


Why you need QuickMatch?

The recruiting landscape has fundamentally changed in the past several years. With shrinking budgets and high competition for talent is becoming a typical dilemma among recruiters. QuickMatch directly addresses recruitment problems by finding best-fit employees instantly.


How QuickMatch works?

The Process:
You upload your job description
QuickMatch extracts and evaluates relevant candidate data using our cognitive technology Best fit talent profiles are picked, prioritized and recommended to you by QuickMatch

How it Works?

Our QuickMacth Technology matches the best candidates from our database to your job description by selecting certain skills needed from the job incumbents. Relevant job characteristics are taken from the job description, analyzed and best fit matched to your. This simplify your recruitment effort and ensures you get the best candidates in no time.

Why you Need QuickMatch

Saves Your Recruitment Time

Time spent in recruitment is a huge one as recruiter would have to sreen huge amount of CVs. With QuickMatch, candidates are matched to job posts using a powerful algorithm.

Saves Money

Cost spent in reviewing several Cvs of candidates is immensely reduced with QuickMatch as candidates are automatically matched to jobs.

Saves Energy

Recruitment is a time consuming exercise. With QuickMatch, less energy is spent in the recruiting exercise.

Best Candidates

QuickMatch links the best job candidates to your job post with less effort using an innovative technology.

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