Our Services

Our services offering allows our clients the flexibility to outsource their entre HR function from Recruitment, HR Administration and Payroll through to performance management ,Training and advisory services.

JobsGate is committed to providing you with the services you need, when and where you need it. We are prepared to work with you on a contract, project or as needed basis and we are available to handle Human Resources issues in all sectors. You can choose from the two options available for you:

Our Services

Trust the Experience

Personnel Outsourcing

JobsGate Outsourcing provides dedicated quality staff who report to you daily. We leverage on the combined expertise and experience of both companies.

HR Process Outsourcing

You may choose to outsource your entire HR department to us. We have a team of dedicated HR specialist cut across Nigeria who will work with you...

Payroll Services

Our payroll services guarantee you peace of mind. We take care of payroll administration and statutory compliances and ensure you never fall into the....

Temporary Staff services

Our Temporary Staff Services provide you with any number of personnel in diverse categories of staff in all sectors of the Economy and help...


Our trainings are designed to create a lasting change for businesses. We do not just provide training but we partner with our clients to design and develop....


JobsGate Reward offers you a variety of specialist pay and benefit services – for when you need it. From pay benchmarking and job evaluation to designing cost ....