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Psychometric Assessments

Now you can eliminate low-impact recruiter tasks from your to-do list

JobsGate is equipped with automated assessment tools. Candidates can take their tests on their own time, and our platform automatically computes the outcome of the test taken. With our online test technology, you don't have to schedule your candidates one by one anymore, nor do you have to produce and check every single administered test. Test can be taken anywhere and at the comfort of the candidate. The employer does not need to assemble candidates at a particular place before tests can be taken. We have partnered with Central Test, Uk (No1 psychometric test centre in the world) to ensure that theses tests are made available at anytime and anywhere all over Africa.

Spend more time on the best candidates by selecting job seekers based on assessment score

As an employer, gone are the days when you have to do guesswork in recruiting the best candidates. Our assessment tools remove the guesswork in choosing candidates to interview. By reviewing their assessment scores, you can already choose candidates that are truly qualified for your company even before you reach out to them.

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